Irfan Khalid

Director of Audit Services

Irfan Khalid brings over a decade of international experience in audit services, having worked in countries such as Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe, and others. His professional journey includes leading roles in audit and client engagement, serving large and medium-sized companies across various sectors, including telecommunications, energy, hospitality, manufacturing, and financial services.

As an ACCA certified professional, Irfan Khalid possesses extensive knowledge in financial reporting, external and internal auditing, planning, budgeting, process improvement, risk management, and compliance with legislative requirements. His educational background includes training with ACCA in the United Kingdom, specializing in financial reporting, accounting, auditing, and taxation, as well as a diploma in accounting and business. Irfan is a graduate of Oxford Brookes University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has completed intermediate-level coursework at Sargodha University.

In his role, Irfan actively manages client portfolios, providing high-quality audit and related services, aiming to achieve both personal and team goals and business plans. He is responsible for managing project finances, including budgeting and tracking variances, while maintaining high technical and professional standards. His strategic thinking and understanding of client needs enable him to adapt to market changes and effectively address complex challenges, preventing crisis situations before they arise.