Sobirova Parvina

Project's Manager

Sobirova Parvina holds a key position as the Manager of Accounting Projects. She effectively manages the accounting for several major projects, coordinating a team of 3-5 accountants. Parvina ensures control over all aspects of accounting, from the initial transaction recording to the analysis of financial data and the closing of the reporting period. She is responsible for preparing accurate financial statements and ensuring compliance with legislation and standards in accounting. Parvina also plays a crucial role in planning and conducting internal audits, overseeing financial operations, and managing project risks.

Parvina began her professional career at the Tajik State National University, successfully completing her studies in the Accounting and Economics faculty with honors. After receiving her САР certificate through the CIPAEN program, she further expanded her professional knowledge and skills by training at an authorized 1C program center. Her certification as an auditor by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan affirms her qualification as a specialist. Her experience in various economic sectors makes her a valuable professional, capable of adapting to different business environments and effectively addressing challenges in accounting, auditing, and finance.