1С in Tajikistan

At HLB Tajikistan, we take pride in being the official partner of 1C in Tajikistan. Over more than a decade of operation, we have established ourselves as a leader in the field of accounting automation and the implementation of 1C accounting software. Our company has successfully completed over 100 projects, catering to both small and medium enterprises as well as complex projects for large government and private companies.

We take particular pride in the fact that each of our projects has received positive feedback from our clients. This reflects the high level of professionalism of our specialists, their deep industry knowledge, and the extensive experience they have accumulated.

At HLB Tajikistan, we are committed to continuous development and improvement of our skills and work methods. Our team consistently updates their knowledge and skills to meet the latest requirements and standards in accounting and IT.

We believe that our partnership with 1C not only contributes to the growth and development of our company but also allows our clients to receive the most efficient and high-quality services. We look forward to new projects and achievements and are eager to continue providing top-quality services to our valued clients.

Thanks to our collaboration with 1C, we provide our clients with comprehensive solutions, offering them cutting-edge technology and best practices in the field of automation and business process management.

1С Products


1C: Accounting
Leading CIS Accounting Software for Automated Tax, Accounting and Reporting
A comprehensive approach to payroll accounting and human resource management.
1C: Trade Management
A modern tool for enhancing the efficiency of trading companies.
1C: Comprehensive Automation
Automated Accounting and Management for Diverse Industries
1C: Document Management
A modern system for managing documents, business processes, and employee interaction.
1C: Retail
Modern tool for increasing the efficiency of trading companies