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HLB TAJIKISTAN is committed to establishing stable and mutually beneficial long-term business relationships. We highly value the trust of our clients and aim to not only meet but exceed their expectations, adhering strictly to our corporate principles of competence, quality, and professionalism.
As one of the leaders in audit, accounting, and consulting services in Tajikistan, HLB TAJIKISTAN takes pride in its achievements. Our experience spans across a wide range of clients, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large public and private companies, all of whom have highly appreciated the quality of our services.

International Large Companies

A global energy titan, Total specializes in the exploration, production, and marketing of oil and gas, complemented by solar power generation via SunPower. Renowned for its deep roots in the energy sector, Total is steadfast in its commitment to sustainable development and shaping a cleaner energy future.
General Electric
An American multinational behemoth, GE operates across diverse sectors like aviation, energy, healthcare, and financial services. Distinguished for its pioneering spirit, GE is at the forefront of developing industrial technologies and solutions that enhance operational efficiency and champion environmental sustainability.
Esteemed as a global technology forerunner in power and automation, this company innovates in products and systems for energy firms, bolstering the reliability and efficiency of global power grids.
Siemens AG
Based in Munich, Germany, Siemens AG is a global engineering giant, leading in electrical and electronics engineering. Offering a broad spectrum of solutions and services in industry, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure, Siemens is a trailblazer in process digitalization, fostering sustainable development and improved life quality.
This global network of laboratories excels in offering exhaustive testing, inspection, and product certification services, establishing itself as a trusted partner in assuring quality and safety across diverse industries worldwide.
Stada CIS
A leading pharmaceutical conglomerate, STADA CIS excels in producing and distributing high-quality medicines, upholding stringent standards of quality and accessibility, and maintaining a strong presence in the healthcare sector.
A global leader in transportation engineering, Alstom provides cutting-edge technological solutions for rail transport, including high-speed trains, subways, and trams. The company is a key player in sustainable mobility, focusing on eco-friendly and energy-efficient transport options.
Tethys Petroleum
An independent oil and gas entity, Tethys Petroleum is engaged in hydrocarbon exploration and production in Central Asia and the Caspian region, with a keen focus on sustainable development and social responsibility.
A global leader in nuclear energy, Rosatom encompasses over 300 enterprises and organizations, including Russia's civil nuclear firms, nuclear weapons complexes, and R&D in nuclear technology.
DB Schenker
An international logistics titan, DB Schenker offers holistic solutions for cargo transportation, encompassing land, air, sea, and contract logistics services.
Vinci Construction
Among the world’s top construction enterprises, Vinci Construction offers all-encompassing solutions for building and renovating various facilities, renowned for its engineering prowess and impactful urban and infrastructure projects.
Zeppelin CAT
As an authorized dealer of Caterpillar, ZEPPELIN CAT provides a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment, along with services and spare parts for construction, mining, and energy sectors.

Large National and State Companies in Tajikistan

This government agency regulates drinking water and is the principal supplier of basic utilities across Tajikistan. With 176 divisions functioning as independent legal entities and representative offices in all regions, it plays a vital role in the nation's utility infrastructure.
State unitary Enterprise "Dushanbe Vodokanal"
As the primary provider of water supply and sewerage services in Dushanbe, this state unitary enterprise adopts modern technologies and methods to ensure high-quality, dependable water services to the city's infrastructure and residents.
Tcell, the premier telecommunications entity in Tajikistan, is operated by Indigo Tajikistan. Since its inception in 2000, and the commencement of mobile services in 2002, Tcell has offered an array of services including mobile telephony and internet, utilizing technologies like GSM, UMTS, HSPA, and LTE.
Company "Barki Tojik"
This state-run energy company monopolizes Tajikistan's electricity sector. Managing most power generation facilities, including Central Asia's largest, the Nurek hydroelectric power station, Barki Tojik generates over 75% of the country's electricity. It is deeply involved in projects to enhance and modernize power grids, supported by the Asian Development Bank, to bolster energy security and efficiency.
Gayur Group Corporation
As a leading investment conglomerate in Tajikistan, GAYUR GROUP encompasses eight subsidiaries. These specialize in producing a diverse range of products including cement, plasterboard, polypropylene bags, building lime, paints, varnishes, decorative plaster, putty, and LED lamps. The corporation is instrumental in major industrial and social construction projects, as well as in the development of road and bridge infrastructure.
Zarafshon Joint Venture
Established on the foundation of the Tajik gold mining plant (operational since 1990), Zarafshon is a paramount player in Tajikistan's gold mining sector. For several years, it has been one of the largest taxpayers in the Republic, significantly contributing to the mining industry and the nation's economic growth.

Large Chinese Companies

A subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), CNPC BGP is engaged in geophysical research and provides engineering services in the oil and gas industry. The company's focus on geophysical exploration and engineering enhances CNPC's capabilities in the global energy landscape.
HUAXIN Cement Co., Ltd.
As one of China's foremost cement producers, HUAXIN Cement is renowned for its production and provision of superior quality cement and construction materials. This commitment positions the company as a significant player in China's building materials industry.
HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd.
Global titan in the information technology and telecommunications sectors. Renowned for its cutting-edge solutions, the company offers a range of products and services, including smartphones, network technologies, and cloud computing solutions, emphasizing innovation and technological advancement.
ZiJin Mining Group Co., Ltd.
This international mining enterprise specializes in the mining and processing of both base and precious metals. ZiJin Mining Group's operations extend beyond extraction to encompass comprehensive processing, marking its prominence in the global mining sector.
HUAXIN Cement Co., Ltd. (Additional Entry)
This well-established manufacturing company specializes in producing and distributing a variety of cement and building materials. HUAXIN Cement Co., Ltd.'s reputation for quality and diversity in products underscores its status as a leading manufacturer in the construction materials sector.
China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau
CPPB is a specialized enterprise focused on the construction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines both within China and internationally. Its expertise in pipeline infrastructure makes it a key player in the energy sector.

Financial institutions and non-profit organizations

The World Bank
This international financial institution, with 189 member countries, is focused on sustainable poverty reduction. Its headquarters is situated in Washington, D.C., USA. The World Bank's mission revolves around providing financial and technical assistance to developing countries for development programs that are aimed at reducing global poverty and enhancing shared prosperity.
HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation
This Swiss cooperation organization concentrates on improving living conditions and promoting sustainable development in countries around the world. HELVETAS's work encompasses a wide range of sectors, including education, water and infrastructure, rural economy, governance, and peace, aiming to address global challenges and support communities in becoming self-reliant and sustainable.
Norwegian People's Aid
Originating from Norway, this non-profit (non-governmental) organization has been actively involved in mine clearance and disarmament since 1992. NPA operates globally to mitigate the impacts of mines and promote peace and security through various initiatives and projects, focusing on protecting citizens from the dangers of unexploded ammunition and mines and fostering the development of resilient, safe communities.
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
An investment bank with a commitment to fostering open markets across three continents and promoting entrepreneurship. Its headquarters are located in London, UK. The EBRD plays a pivotal role in aiding countries in transitioning towards market economies and encouraging private and entrepreneurial initiatives.
UN High Commission for Refugees
A vital UN agency dedicated to supporting refugees and internally displaced persons. With a presence in over 135 countries, UNHCR is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The organization's efforts are focused on providing protection, shelter, emergency food, water, medical care, and other life-saving assistance to people who have been forced to flee.
Good Neighbors International
An international humanitarian organization committed to enhancing the quality of life of children and families in impoverished and vulnerable communities. Good Neighbors International focuses on initiatives related to education, health, water and sanitation, income generation, and advocacy for children's rights in various countries.

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