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About HLB International

Half a century of effective collaboration across borders.

In 1969, partners from five audit firms, each based in their own country, united for the benefit of their clients. From these humble beginnings, a universal business philosophy emerged, which subsequently evolved into a concept of providing consistent and individualized audit and consulting services to their clients. Thus, the HLB network was established.

Since then, the number of network participants has grown from five to more than 300 member firms, and HLB has become one of the leading networks in the world. Today, the company offers professional audit and consulting services in 156 countries and operates 1,128 offices. The total number of employees stands at 40,831.

According to the TOP-10 global audit company rankings, HLB ranks 10th in the world and 7th in Europe. Each audit firm in the network adheres to certain quality criteria at both national and international levels.

Local HLB INTERNATIONAL companies are established in accordance with local legislation and possess profound knowledge and experience in the countries they operate in, while also being closely connected with professionals worldwide. This helps clients grow and expand abroad.

What sets us apart is our history and shared values. We aim to create value and maximize opportunities for clients. We implement our projects through our active thinking and creative approach, seizing new opportunities and challenging the status quo. Our pursuit of excellence and delivering solutions has become the driving force helping clients grow internationally and the key to becoming one of the fastest-growing networks in recent years.


About HLB Tajikistan

HLB TAJIKISTAN, a member of the international network of independent audit firms HLB (London, UK), is one of the leading companies in the country. We offer professional services in the fields of audit, accounting, taxation, law, human resources management, 1C accounting software implementation, staff outsourcing, and other professional services.

HLB TAJIKISTAN possesses all the mandatory permissions and licenses to provide audit and other services on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan. HLB TAJIKISTAN is an official partner of the 1C company.

HLB TAJIKISTAN’s client base spans various sectors, including financial services, energy and natural resources, public sector, agribusiness, telecommunications, retail, transport, and industrial production. The company’s office is located in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

We work together

Regardless of the sector you operate in, business is about people. Building a trusting relationship with you, wherever you conduct your business, is of utmost importance to us. To best serve our clients, we take the time to get to know you and identify your specific needs.

The HLB team worldwide prides itself on its strong friendships and professional relationships. When you choose our services, you can be confident that it’s the same HLB team you work with globally. This way of creating value through real relationships is a successful method utilized by HLB. Thanks to personal and trusting relationships, we fulfill our brand promise:



Sound governance, integrity, and quality are deeply embedded in everything we do. Only the best firms join HLB, with all our members required to meet strict quality criteria both nationally and internationally.
Our ongoing review program allows us to maintain the high standards our clients have come to expect. HLB is a member of the Forum of Firms, who are committed to the highest standards in financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide. With many of our leadership team and partners around the world playing vital roles in independent committees, we’re proud to be examples of driving forward change in our profession.
Our aim is to achieve the best service and highest standards in the work we do for our clients.

HLB International, a recognized leader in audit and consulting services, takes pride in its numerous international awards that reflect our commitment to quality, innovation, and professionalism. These accolades underscore our ability to not only adhere to the best global practices but also to make a valuable contribution to the industry’s development. They are the outcome of our efforts aimed at enhancing business processes and increasing customer satisfaction at an international level.

Network of the year 2023
The 'Golden Standard of Quality 2023' award reflects the leadership of HLB International in providing top-tier audit services. It recognizes the company's ability to exceed client expectations and set benchmarks of excellence in the industry.
Digital innovation of the year 2023
The 'Innovative Development 2023' award honors HLB International for progressive methods and technologies implemented in audit and consulting projects, affirming the company's reputation as industry innovators.
Communications campaign of the year 2023
The 'Client's Choice 2023' prize marks the exceptional customer focus of HLB International and the company's constant pursuit of enhancing user experience in audit and consulting services.
Network of the year 2022
In 2022, HLB International once again affirmed its leadership by earning the "Network of the Year" title from the International Accounting Bulletin. This success underscores our continuous growth, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence in audit and consulting.
Network of the year 2020
HLB International was honored with the "Network of the Year" award for 2020 by the International Accounting Bulletin. This prestigious accolade highlights the excellence and outstanding performance of our network of audit and consulting firms globally.
Network of the year 2019
HLB International proudly achieved finalist status for the "Network of the Year" category in 2019 at the International Accounting Awards. This significant achievement reflects our relentless pursuit of leadership and innovation in the global audit and consulting arena.

HLB International is constantly striving for excellence, and our awards are a testament to this relentless pursuit. We value the trust of our clients and partners and promise to continue providing high-quality services worthy of international recognition.

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