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How does auditing affect the improvement of a company’s financial position and its solvency?

The financial condition determines the efficiency of the business, its resilience to external factors, and growth potential. Together with experts from HLB Tajikistan, let’s explore how effective auditing helps uncover nuances in company evaluations…



 Opening business and registering a company in Tajikistan

To ensure continuous and successful growth of business in Tajikistan, it is essential to properly register a company (Branch or Representative Office), in compliance with all the laws and regulations of the country...



Amendments to the Tax Code of the Republic of Tajikistan that came into force in January 2022

In recent years to achieve national development goals for poverty reduction and economic growth the Government of Tajikistan and the Tax Committee of the RT implemented major tax administration reforms. Notably, an Electronic Tax Reporting System was introduced, tax inspections were reduced and a moratorium on tax inspections for certain activities was applied, including a moratorium on all types of inspections for all business entities until 2023. One of the significant events of early 2022 was the enactment of a new edition of the Tax Code of Tajikistan, whereby the tax items were reduced from 10 to 7 and the rates of main taxes were lowered.



 Procedure for application of double taxation agreements on non-resident income from sources of the Republic of Tajikistan

Since its independence the Republic of Tajikistan has signed double taxation agreements with 35 countries worldwide. This includes the European Union, CIS, Arab and Asian countries:…