Tax planning


Tax planning

Tax planning is purposeful legal actions of the taxpayer aimed at reducing his expenses for the payment of taxes, fees, duties and other mandatory payments.
Tax planning is one of the most important components of a company’s financial planning (financial management).
The nature of tax planning is that every taxpayer has the right to use legal means, methods and approaches to minimize their tax obligations.
Tax planning can be defined as planning the financial and entrepreneurial activities of a company in order to minimize tax payments and can be both individually targeted and targeted and used in the financial and entrepreneurial activities of a wide range of business entities.

HLB Tajikistan – Tax planning expert 

Our successful and long-term practice, reasonable and effective approaches to communication and work with tax authorities, regulatory authorities, representatives of their consulting services ensure that our experts are aware of the latest trends, views and plans for the future in the field of tax planning.

Therefore, we can say with confidence that:

  • we offer only legal, proven, practical, reliable methods of tax planning;
  • we develop and implement effective solutions in the field of taxation based on international and domestic practice, experience, knowledge of our experts and our own developed methods;
  • we support the project in the process of implementation, monitoring, further maintenance, maintenance and appropriate adjustments in case of changes in legislation, business environment and practice, which happens frequently and regularly.

In addition, close and productive cooperation with leading tax experts, representatives of the international HLB network gives us the opportunity to develop an optimal structure for the entire group of companies (international tax planning) in order to implement, maintain, manage, feel the requirements of realities and innovations.

What we offer

HLB Tajikistan provides tax planning services, in particular:

  • tax planning (including development, implementation, monitoring);
  • tax Due Diligence;
  • preparation of objections to acts;
  • tax audit;
  • consulting services in the field of taxation;
  • verification and preparation of tax returns on property status and income;
  • tax consulting;
  • advising and informing about changes in legislation;
  • international tax planning.

For foreign mixed companies, HLB Tajikistan offers operational support and solutions to issues related to registration with foreign tax authorities, obtaining work permits and opening bank accounts.
In order to provide a comprehensive and optimal approach to choosing the development option for your company, we form a separate team of experts with experience and knowledge in your industry. Thus, in addition to the tasks assigned to us, this approach ensures not only their solution, but also the provision of quick and effective recommendations in a complex.