Outstaffing Services

Every successful business, whether in Tajikistan or beyond, relies heavily on its workforce to drive operations. However, certain situations may prevent companies from hiring all the necessary personnel. In such cases, outstaffing becomes a powerful strategy for business growth and development. At ACCON, we provide exceptional outstaffing services, meticulously tailored to meet your business needs in Tajikistan, ensuring unparalleled efficiency.

Outstaffing solutions primarily address:
  • Maintaining business operations during the registration process;
  • Sustaining activities during periods of temporary legal uncertainty;
  • Working with limited office space, common with office rentals in Tajikistan;
  • Delegating functions such as accounting or HR department externally;
  • Ensuring confidentiality of sensitive information, especially salary data.
Our streamlined outstaffing process includes:
  1. Recruitment: ACCON either employs your chosen candidate or conducts a comprehensive recruitment process to find the ideal employee for your needs.
  2. Contractual Agreement: An outstaffing agreement is established between the companies, followed by a labor contract signed between ACCON and the employee, ensuring a comprehensive social package tailored to client requirements.
  3. Employer Roles: While your company remains the actual employer, ACCON becomes the legal employer.
  4. Salary & Tax Management: ACCON handles the calculation and payment of salaries and associated taxes.
  5. Consultation: We provide guidance on matters related to labor laws for your company and its employees.
  6. Termination: At the agreement’s conclusion, ACCON ensures a smooth termination process for the employee.

Additionally, we offer other supporting services as required. Focus on your strategic business ideas while we manage the technical and routine tasks with utmost reliability and expertise. Partner with ACCON for enhanced business performance.

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