1C: Accounting for Tajikistan


1С: Accounting for Tajikistan

The accounting system mechanism is an important component of the 1C: Accounting platform. It allows for the effective implementation of an accounting system based on the double-entry principle and enables the creation of accounting models that meet the requirements of Tajikistan.

The key functions implemented by the accounting system mechanism include:

  1. Chart of Accounts: A set of synthetic accounts used to group information about a company’s activities. It supports the creation of multi-level network plans with a flexible hierarchy, where a fixed or variable number of digits can be used for account codes.

  2. Chart of Analytical Reports: Used to describe analytical objects for which accounting is conducted on specific accounts. It defines subaccount types and the types of values that can be assigned to each subaccount.

  3. General Ledger: Used to record information about business transactions and obtain summary data on the state of accounting in the 1C: Accounting system. Each general ledger is linked to a specific chart of accounts and stores accounting totals according to its structure.

The accounting system mechanism in 1C: Accounting for Tajikistan provides flexible configuration of accounting models, taking into account the requirements for different types of accounting, currency, and other accounting specifics. This creates an informative and user-friendly accounting system that complies with local standards and requirements.