1C: Salary and Personnel management for Tajikistan


1С: Salary and personnel management for Tajikistan

HLB Tajikistan offers a powerful solution called “Salary and Personnel Management for 1C: Accounting in Tajikistan.” This cutting-edge program serves as a vital tool for implementing effective personnel management policies and automating various enterprise services, including personnel management, line managers, and accounting. It integrates seamlessly with the “Accounting 8 for Tajikistan” program to ensure cohesive accounting operations.

Key Features:

  1. Staffing Requirements Planning: Efficiently plan and manage personnel requirements.
  2. Human Resource Provision: Optimize human resource allocation within the business.
  3. Competence Management and Employee Certification: Effectively manage employee competencies and certifications.
  4. Staff Training Management: Streamline employee training processes.
  5. Financial Motivation of Personnel: Implement effective financial motivation strategies for employees.
  6. Efficient Employment Planning: Optimize staff employment planning for resource efficiency.
  7. Personnel Accounting and Analysis: Maintain accurate personnel records and conduct insightful personnel analysis.
  8. Labor Relations and Records Management: Manage labor relations and comprehensive personnel record-keeping.
  9. Staff Salary Calculation: Automate accurate staff salary calculations for timely payments.
  10. Cash Settlement Management: Efficiently manage cash settlements with staff, including depositing procedures.
  11. Taxes and Fee Calculation: Calculate taxes and fees in compliance with payroll fund regulations.
  12. Reflecting Wages and Taxes in Enterprise Costs: Ensure accurate reflection of accrued wages and taxes in enterprise expenses.

Benefits: Employees:

  • Access essential information, such as vacation details and personalized records in the Pension Fund, at any time.

Human Resources:

  • Efficient personnel record-keeping, including staff duration and movement records, complying with Ukrainian legislation.
  • Employee Planning Tool for strategic workforce planning.

HR Managers and Recruiters:

  • Recruitment tool encompassing the entire hiring process, including job description creation, email correspondence with candidates, interview scheduling, and applicant questionnaire collection.
  • Competence management and performance appraisal capabilities.
  • Training management toolkit to enhance employee skills and knowledge.

Company Management:

  • Full control over all aspects of the enterprise.
  • Define the organizational structure of the enterprise.
  • Analyze staffing requirements and make informed management decisions based on reliable information.
  • Powerful analytical reports offering comprehensive insights across various sections.
  • Tools for developing employee motivation schemes and conducting analysis.